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Happy New Year

I wish you all a Happy New Year 2017 and a good start to the new training year! See you @ Athletix Diary, Cheers Thomas

Merry Christmas From Athletix Diary

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Enjoy the season and don’t forget to give yourself a good break to kick back into training hard in the new year ! Cheers and I’ll see you in the new year, Thomas @ Athletix Diary

Athletix Winners 2016

Winners 2016 Winner Athletes 2016 Athletix training year 2016 is nearly over and we have some great winners. The categories are: *Most Training Hours *Most Training Kilometers *Best Team And the winners are… Most Training Hours ZORROMost Training Hours Award Goes To Zorro! With 280 training hours Zorro leads the Athletix Hours Battle with a […]

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Monitoring Your Training

With Athletix Diary you can monitor all your training sessions. Numerous charts and tables let you see your current development and achievment for the running season. Also view all your sessions from the past years and compare them to your current status. With serveral filters you can select periods and analyse them. Monitor all your different sports data and get the season planed right.

Documenting Your Training

Document all your sport sessions with the accuracy that suites you best. Enter simple training sessions or go professional and document a training session in detail with sub sessions and sport specific methodes and rest-load parameters.

Planing Your Training

With our advanced professional planing tool you can plan your season from high level right down to the week days. Using the planer will also remind you of what is schedules for the current day and gives you an overview of your week, month and year achievment in comparison to your plan.

Advanced Documentation & Monitoring

With our advanced documentation you can get your training session accurate right down to the different loads and methodes. Documenting your trainings in a professional way will give you a very good overview of how much time and distance you’ve spent in the divers methodes and load levels. All your data gets displayed in charts and tables for you to monitor the whole season.

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What Our Athletes Say

With Athletix I can document all my Crossfit WODs and analyse them like a pro! And it’s free of charge!

They have Crossfit!

The Team Battle is awesome. If I need motivation, it just needs one look at the scores!

Team Battle is the best!

Finally I got back to doing sports! Athletix boosted my progress and competing in my own Team really got me going!

Athletix Motivated Me!

The Team

History Of Athletix

History Of Athletix

  • 2016, 6th. December: Athletix presents its new welcome page and login.
  • 2015, 21st. December: Athletix launches 2.0 ! A completly new design and setting the bases for new features. The site was again busier than before with 28.000 sessions.
  • 2014, 9th. January:Athletix Diary releases a small update for enhancements in the profile views and other areas.
  • 2013, 31st. December: Athletix had yet another busy year with 19.000 visits and 19.000 page views. A good 20% increase to 2012 !
  • 2013, 7th. September: Athletix Diary releases performance update and small enhancements in several modules.
  • 2012, 31st. December: Athletix had a busy year with 15.000 visits and 13.000 page views. That was a good 50% increase to 2011 !
  • 2012, 1st. December: Today we release a small anniversary update.
  • 2012, 1st. March:Athletix Diary releases its beta version with a complete new look and feel and new features.
  • 2011, 31st. December: Athletix Diary had a busy year with roughly 10.000 visits.
  • 2011, 21st. March: Athletix Diary releases third alpha version with heaps of new features.
  • 2010, 1st. December: Athletix Diary goes online.



Athletix Diary is an online sports diary for planing, analysing and documenting training. The project startet in 2009 with an offline PC-version which was then converted and ported to the web by the end of 2010. A lot of testing and good ideas have come from many friends.

Special thanks go to CapK, Roadrunner, Lightweight, Zorro, PS_Paul, 56 aka The Face, clemi
for contributing to the project.

Athletix Studio

Thomas Hopes