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Trainingsdokumentation und Auswertung

Check your personal best times

Training Overview Trainings overview adds your best three times. Scroll down to see what your personal best was in all entered trainings and competitions. Currently the listings contain 5,10,21 and 42 running times. I will soon add more selection and filter options. Sport’s up, Thomas

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TomTom Support

Athletix now supports TomTom Devices. Download your activities from TomTomt via CSV Export and upload them to Athletix Diary.

22. Juni 2018 0

Training Zones

Enter your training zone of your training. View your zones distribution over the year in the Training Overview page. Training zones are used to give an athlete a set intensity at which they should be working to during an activity. Training using zones is important becasue it means that you can be sure you are pushing…

23. Mai 2018 0

Garmin Support

  Athletix now supports Garmin Devices. Download your activities from Garmin Connect via CSV Export and upload them to Athletix Diary. The synchronisation is done automatically so you don’t need to worry about double entries. Upload the files where you enter your trainings with just two clicks it’s done.

17. Mai 2018 0

Athletix 2.01

The registration form on now only requires a nickname and password. No e-mail is required anymore. Some features in Athletix use the e-mail, like information on team activity and things a-like. So to get the full athletix experience, it is recommended to fill out all form input fields. Sport’s up!

4. April 2018 0

Trainings Calendar

This overview shows your trainings in a calendar. At the end of each week you will see a summary of your week in hours and distance of all your different sports. Get a clean outline of what you achieved over the last weeks of the year.

10. April 2017 0

Weeks Analyse

Weeks Analyse shows your weeks hours and distance in a diagram over the year

10. April 2017 0

Weight Monitoring

10. April 2017 0

Training Evaluation

Trainingsauswertung„Beurteilung der Wirksamkeit des Trainings in einem definierten Zeitraum auf der Grundlage von Trainingsanalysen, Leistungsanalysen und Wettkampfanalysen“ (LexSpl). Trainingsauswertung ist damit ein elementarer Bestandteil der Trainingssteuerung. Sie kann unmittelbar nach einer Trainingseinheit oder distanziert (WEINECK 2002), d.h. nach einem Trainingszyklus erfolgen. Mit der Trainingsauswertung sollte die Leistungsentwicklung des Athleten eingeschätzt werden, sowohl individuell als auch…

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Create your own team and invite friends. Join a team. See what your team mates are doing and get motivated. Write something to your team blog.

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